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Googling your own name

September 23, 2008

Author: Lucy Riches
Date: Jul 15


Hi my name is LUCY RICHES . I am 9 years old. I have a non-identical twin called TILLY. We come from the UK. We wondered if there was any non-identical twins that would write to us. So if i wrote to one of you TILLY would write to the other one. I also have a brother called Jack, he is such a pain. My hobbies are drama roller booting and swimming. My E-Mail address is… ”

Title: Girl Nine from UK,Looking For Penpal’s World Wide
Author: Tilly Riches
Date: Jul 15


Hi! I’m from England and my names Tilly. My hobbies include reading, art and all sport, I also go to drama Classes. My teacher is called Miss Brigdes and I go to Southgate Middle School. I have a twin sister called Lucy, and a brother Jack. I want to learn a different laungauge . Please write to me at this E-Mail address: Tilly@Rendersoft.Com

This was written when we were nine years old… i’m basically speechless

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