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why am i drawn to america?

October 3, 2008

Whilst watching America’s Next Top Model (yup) I kind of hand a revelation as to why I am drawn to America/ Americans so much. I mean i kind of knew why, but the discussion on the show affirmed it.

So all the girls are of American heritage except for one girl Majorie; her parents are French. She is apparently always self doubting herself  whilst the other girls are of and optimistic nature. One of the judges thought it may be because of her European background. Apparently Europeans are more skeptical. I think this true to a certain extent and it depends on your specific upbrining.

I’ve always be drawn to the “American Dream” – not the white picket fence.

Limitless. Work hard and things will come to you. I think more children are brought up fearless here. I think there is a certain pressure, as there is within any family to achieve great things. But there is a more of a “you can do it” attitude here. i love it.

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