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High Street love.

October 8, 2008

What has happened this autumn? First Gok’s Fashion Fix, Then The Fashion Show and now British Style Genius. There are goodness knows how many cooking/dieting programmes, a few music shows and finally BBC2, ITV2 and Channel 4 spotted a severe gap in the market for fashion related shows.

            I was engrossed by the first episode of British Style Genius – beginning with its in-depth appreciation of TopShop and also the phenomenon of its Kate Moss collection. I personally am not a fan; ok “she” has churned out a few nice dresses but other than that I feel a lot of it has been statement pieces which would be hard to work with much else. TopShop HAS been a great catalyst for the forefront of high street fashion, but I am never desperate to make a trip there 1) because it is near the top of the high street budget range 2) everyone knows that is from TopShop. I am however, never one to deny their genius shoessss.

            I was surprised to see Anna Wintour giving an interview; the only time I have seen her is at the side of a runway with her ‘hater blockers’ (sunglasses) on.

It was interesting to see Jonathon Saunders discussing his line with Topshop; he commented on the compromise between affordability and appeal of the clothing versus his designing identity and “what he is all about”.


When are Cheryl Cole and the rest of Girls Aloud going to come out with a line? *cough* PRIMARK


How insane is this Ossie Clark print? Grey, periwinkle and gold… could I think of a better combination?



Of course it had to discuss the term of the season; ‘Fast Fashion’ and the dilemma that is caused by the extreme cheapness of clothes vs the repercussions on the unfairly waged makers of these clothes. “Apparently” consumers will soon listen to their conscience. I DON’T THINK SO. Fashion makes me (people) feel good and they like to be able to do so and also be able to afford the odd (10) vodka and diet cokes at the end of the day. Cheap, fashionable fashion will always be in demand. PERIOD.


The programme closed with Philip Greene’s optimism for TopShop’s leap across the pond to New York. Walking past the Soho store the other day, it is nowhere near its ‘Fall 2008’ opening. So fortunately/unfortunately I will be back on English soil the next time I step into a TopShop store.

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