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Projet Runway

October 15, 2008

 So I have yet to write about my love for Project Runway. Anyone who watches it is addicted and why not? Creative minds coming up with artistic pieces each week, thrown in with a little drama.

 One contestant that has had people reacting like Marmite is Kenley Collins. A 25yr old who’s 30’s-50’s inspired designed have kept her in the competition right through to the finale at Fashion Week in Bryant Park. But her attitude towards other contestants and the judges has been less desirable. A lot of people are like “oh my god she is such a bitch I hate her”. I’m more like “yeah ok she gets defensive about her work and makes great TV”. Her fabulous designs outweigh any negativity from her attitude. She also lives in Brooklyn so I hate (love) her.

 So Part 1 of the Season Finale and Tim Gunn visits all the designers at their houses.

cute apartment right?

cute apartment right?


Kenley says that she takes alot of inspiration from her late grandmother (see pic below). I cant wait to get home and scan in some photos of my fabulous grandmothers!


So this is a rack from her collection that will be shown on the season finale tonight:
insane - look at those prints!!!!!!!!!!

insane - look at those prints!!!!!!!!!!

how could i not get excited about these two:
screamfest 08


Then they had to create a wedding dress over the two months they were also designing their collections and then as a final challenge had to create a bridesmaid dress to accompany the dress. Kenley are you available to design my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses? (will i ever get married though?)

Judge Micheal Kors - cutest damn dress I have ever seen

Judge Micheal Kors - cutest damn dress I have ever seen

 p.s dont you love how the hair flower matches the other dress in her collection. wow kenley. wow xx


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