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Gossip Girl – The Magnificent Archibalds

November 20, 2008

Lets first address the episode titles ode to Orson Welle’s follow up to Citizen Kane, that of the Magnificent Ambersons. Bravo on the homage.

Now to the real task in hand.


Bow tie and Gingham? I think someone made this outfit for me? I’m hoping to rock bow tie chic in the near future but more of a Clown Chic than School girl chic!


This next delight, is devine on so many levels. The colour. The small details such as the fine ruffel finishing. Backless. The front bow/ruffle.



Now for this next one, I am pround of the mustard and ketchup combination. I’m slightly skeptical at the shortness of the skirt as I feel it is not the most flattering of cuts, especially on Thanksgiving! Where are the loose fiting clothes that allow you to grow a food baby?


Photos of the following dress leaked quite a while back. We have been waiting for it to grace our screens. With patience comes reward. I will not comment on the print of this next dress.


I however admire the button detailing on the sleaves and the slightly puffed shoulder. Very now.


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