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Ozzie runway

January 12, 2009

I spent a year of my life living in Melbourne, Australia. It pretty much changed my life. Anyone who has visited the winner of the 2007 Best place to live will share a love of; Savers (a warehouse style charity shop), Lygon Street (devine restuaurants and cafes, the quiestest shop being Starbucks- gutted) and Brunswick street (Pizza at Bimbo’s being the highlight).

The combination of Melboure and Project Runway causes me great delight.

I have only watched the first episode, but yet the talent seems to be just as good as the American show, amazing seeing as there is a smaller talent pool to pull from. But not only that, the designs seem slightly more interesting!

The design brief for the first episode was to create a glamorous evening that expresses who you are as a designer.

And the best news goes to all Kenley fans; Australia has its very own version in the form of Sophie Spalding – she describes herself as the “quirky vintage chick” – her personal style is miles above Kenleys fascinators and jeans. Her Gwen meets Marilyn astheic is spot on. For the project she goes straight to “1950’s glamour”.



I am in love with Mark Antonio not only for his uber amazing quifff but also he reminds me of Season Four winner Christian Siriano, not only with his campisms but also his first design – flamboyancy with heavy attention to detail. He classes his style as “ethnic futuristic” and “dark romantic”.



I shall also be keeping my eye on Leigh Buchanan – the challenge winner of the first episode. He has been interested in fashion “since [he] was old enough to walk in his mothers heels”. He says he is inspired by Galliano and Westwood – “crazy people that love theatre and dressing up”.


The judges question his overall concept saying it is “familiar” and ask whether he is “inspired by Westwood?”. Yes the shape of the dress isn’t the most original and the clash of colours is very Westwood but anyone who goes over the top and bold will be compared to her. She was a pioneer, the first one of her kind. Give the guy a break. And they do and he wins the challenge!

 My favourite gem however is Petrova Hammond, she classes her design style as “fairytale” like. She was also wearing this devine peach/electric blue number in the first episode, i’m not to sure about the Judy Jetson hat though? – edit – you can buy the peach/ electric blue number on her website!


Her challenge dress was also highly praised by the judges. The internal detail is immense.


I shall follow the Project weekly! Enjoy….

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  1. January 13, 2009 3:38 am

    Project Runway Australia is fantastic. I think it is just as good as the US version in regards to both talent and personalities.

    Maybe they should show it in the US while they are waiting for that eternal court case to finish.

    You will love it.

    Sophie is definately not a Kenley Collins. There can only be one Kenley. If it was not for her Series five would have been a tad dull.

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