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In the realm of basses – Gossip Girl

January 13, 2009

Last weeks episode didn’t bring much fashion candy to satisfy my post-holiday blues but one piece did kind of make up for it. I’ve saved it for last.

The fashion in the episode did bring about some thoughts about cliques. Thankfully enough I went to a school that was quite strict on uniform and most people adhered to it. There was a slight bit of competition on the style of skirt amongst girls, but it didn’t phase us all that much. The current generation of early teenagers and people even younger than that and their interest in fashion is growing stronger and stronger; 12yr old Lourdes Ciccone being a prime example.

It is great to see this translation into the bitchy harem in Gossip Girl, with the girls constantly insync with eachother. I do not envy the current younger generation for this kind of pressure. Lets just hope they find strength to hold out on their own identity.



And of course young Blair Waldorf never fails to disappoint. This ultimate chic number tipped with a beret for Parisian flair is rad.


The fine number can be purchased here. I’m going to try and make my own credit crunch alternative. LOL

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