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Style Icon: Hayley Williams, Paramore

January 23, 2009

Ok, so I have an addictive personality. One of my addictions is Hayley Williams from Paramore. I ❤ their songs, catchy, punchy, lush. I frequently have woken up with a stiff neck after having a “rock out” session to Paramore.

The 20yr old  lady is mainly known for her crazy ass hair styles. Jealous. For me, she is classed as a style icon because of her eclectic mix of hair, make-up and clothes. She is one talented lady. And with that comes the well deserved title of rock chick. She is probably the ultimate, actual rock chick at this current time.

 But when not on stage she definitely likes playing dress us like the rest of us.


These next two are great examples of Hayleys exquiste hair. The colour palette of firery embers, agent orange and sunflowers are put together with perfection.


People who try and copy this look are called ‘Fayleys’ lol. If I had the money to have it done professionally I’d do it in a heartbeat ( I’d probably only keep it for a couple of weeks though ha).


She is known for her bold tees and skinny jeans mostly – must be comfy to rock out to right?


Spicing it up at an Awards ceremony – green is HOT with red hair. But of course she adds the Hayley tomboy touch of the bow tie. Lush.


And an awards performance, she hypes up her usual onstage attire with a classy lace vest. Men drool over this pint sized ball of fire.


Make-up time:

This mix of red and yellow – a combination which usually washes people out to a hint of ill, compliments Hayley’s hair for the ultimate standout look in the Misery Business video.


Hayley is also a fan of bold blue – this is close to my heart, seeing as my first dabble with “crazy makeup” was with MAC’s  Electric Eel.



 Now just something for me:



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