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January 26, 2009

Etsy is just one of those things which makes life good.

Tilly Bloom.

Not only does the talented creator of the collection share her name with my womb partner, but she’s a Scot’s gal living in Brooklyn. Envy Central.

Her store has necklaces, earrings, brooches, luxury bookmarks, bobby pins, cuff links, tie tacks, bracelets, buttons and prints. She sites her inspirations as

anatomical drawing, the Victorian Era literature – particularly Russian Absurdist, contemporary Japanese and Sci-fi – diagrams, iconic design, Faces, Teaism and curiousness

Teaism……………TEAISM? You can only imagine.

Not only is the visual merchandising as good as the merch, but the international shipping is not ridiculous. Score.

The first thangs I want are eye bobby pins, why wouldn’t I want them?


If i were a boy (thanks Beyonce) and I had a girl, I would definitely get her some shizz from here for the big V-day that is vast approaching.

Perhaps a Valentine Brooch?


I think it might be my birthday soon? (cheek central)

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