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Diablo Cody

February 2, 2009

The Diablo of Cody

If you’re going to choose a screen name, i’d say Diablo Cody is something so hawt not many people could dream of. To be fair i’d be happy with the sweet aliteration of Brook Busey;  Cody’s real name.

Diablo first came to light as she chronicled her life as a striper in the Pussey Ranch blog and her memoir Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper. ( blatently going on my birthday wishlist. if only I could get it out from the library lol)

Candy Girl

So Diablo Cody is basically eye candy/ inspiration. She won an Oscar for her first screenplay. Juno. 


Of course she is an inspiration personally because of her screen writing talents, but also her style. A lady displaying her tatt’s on the Oscar red carpet in Leopard print. Enough said.

Diablo Cody - The Oscars

Did I mention skull earings on the Oscar red carpet?


 The Diablo’s next feature length comes in the form of teenage cannibalism. Jennifer’s Body. High expectations, but I’m sure she will deliver. (It has Seth Cohen *cough* I mean Adam Brody in it)

Appreciation for the flame hair and leopard ensemble for the Jimmy Kimmel show.

Diablo Cody on Jimmy Kimmel

Cody has teamed up with Steven Speilberg to produce The United States of Tara – a sitcom about the life of someone with dissociative identity disorder- basically multiple personalities.

The United States of Tara

I’ve only been able to catch the first two ep’s – nothing life changing – but the characters in it, my word. I cant pick which one is my favourite. T – a 15yr old thong wearing MySpacer. Buck – a middle aged shovenistic red neck, or Alice – the 1950’s housewife who’s main priority is baking. Toni Colette’s performace will definitely keep me coming back to this show, to see how husband (John Corbett – Aidan from Sex and the City – you know the one Carrie should have married!) and the kids deal with T, Buck and Alice.

You can follow Cody-ville through Twitter or Myspace. I will definitely be keeping my eye on this lady to see whatever project she puts her hand to turning to gold.


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