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The Notebook as a way of life

February 4, 2009

I think we all remember the first time we saw The Notebook. Where we were. Who we were with.

I was one of the few to see it on its original box office release. It was the Capitol Theatre in Horsham, West Sussex. I was with my mum, my sister and a friend. I sat in the cinema afterwards for about five minutes. I couldn’t stop the tears.

I class it as the biggest weeper in the history of weepers and I am just thankful to have that kind of film in my life.

Now for the good stuff. The costume design. Lush.

Ok so 1940’s. Allie’s character goes through an abundance of outfits throughout the film and everytime a new one appeared I would die a little inside, with jealously. I’ve scaled down most of the snaps because there are 30+ and have selected a few mouth watering pieces.


Who doesn’t want to ride around on the front of their boyfriends bike wearing a playsuit?


One of the most romantic images on the film.


Being swept away (together)


*note to self – ebay 1940’s two piece swimsuit with matching headband*


*sigh* the-notebook10

Yellow tea dress for dancing!


Rope swing chic


How could you get mad at Noah…ever?


Yep, perfection.


Date night chic.


Lindy hop love.


Dont cry Allie! Noah, i’ll pretend I cant drive just so you can teach me.


Proposal night chic.


Peplum jacket and fascinator. Showing off Allie’s figure, but adding emphasis on her elegance and class.


Faux button collar. 1940’s to the max.


Hello Victory rolls, not sure about that tarantula coming off her head?


Ok, so now for the most iconic scenes from the film. The swans and the blue dress. For starters, with Rachel McAdams hair colour and complexion – this cornflower blue is simply perfect.




 Even the detail on the sleeves and the buttons. Teamed with a classic set of pearls. wow. no wonder they got back together after the boat trip.

I certainly feel like The Notebook is pretty much the only film I can watch over and over and never get tired.

Within the emotional sadness of the film, their is trumendous hope; for the addiction, joy and excitement that comes with love.

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  1. Jennifer permalink
    February 8, 2009 8:26 am

    hey lucy, it’s jen… just wanted to say:

    I was at the davis Fst theatre, spring my freshman year (i believe i went with anna and suzy?) by the end i was literally sobbing my eyes out- strange because i had never cried like that at a movie before or since then) afterwards when i went back to the dorm i broke into tears again when telling my roomate paige about the movie…

    so yeah, i totally get it. i don’t know why but there is something just amazing about that movie- its a common and well-trod plot line, fairly predictable and all that. but i think you hit the nail on the head that it is just VISUALLY perfect (along with top notch acting on all parts) that makes a movie from an actually somewhat boring book, pack such a walloping puch.

    please never stop writing your blog- it brings a little fasionable glimmer to my dusty bakersfield days!
    xoxo, jen


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