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Katherine Von Drachenberg

February 5, 2009

I am lucky enough to have an awesome twin.

But I also have another one. I share my birthday with Kat Von D. For starters she is one hot mamma. But she is also one incredibly talented artist and business woman.

She has put together a book which came out at the beginning of the year. High Voltage Tattoo chronicles her career, her influences, life as an artist, what she takes inspiration from, her personal tattoos and information about her shop. It also goes into great detail about the whole tattoo process.


Her boyf Nikki Sixx also wrote the foreword. Super cute.


The chick has her own make-up line in Sephora, what will she do next? Her own fashion line. Hold me back. 


You can get the book from Amazon. It’s on my wishlist.

p.s I was working on New Year’s eve of 2008 and someone said to me “You remind me of Kat Von D”, I took the compliment gracefully with a thankyou. What I was thinking was “It’s because we both check to make sure we could be mistaken for tranvestites before we leave the house”!

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