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The Fifth Element

February 9, 2009

Fifth Element Title Page

So there were 954 costumes produced for this film. Woa.

I promise I have tried to edit down the amount of images for this post but, it was tough. Some blood was shed.

Like many of the films that are in my repetitive library, The Fifth Element  (1997) is strikingly visual and I will start this post off with my favourite image…Beaut

I definitely have a major crush on sci-fi. Especially ones that involve the future. Why wouldn’t I want to see what someone thinks New York in 2263 is going to look like?

Fifth Element - New York

I think this film is one of the reasons why I am a cinephile today. For me, it has everything that you need; romance, hot mamas and papas, fashion, action and my favourite; the ‘What is life question?’.

Fifth Element Jean-Paul Gualtier

This isn’t Gaultier’s first job as a Costume Designer, he has designed for Pedro Almodovar’s Kika (1993) and The City of Lost Children (1995). As much as being a fashion designer you get to unleash creativtiy through fantasy it must be a welcomed outler to design without the constraits of a runway or ready-to-wear.

He explores the future through traditional and classic concepts that are washed with the lack of boudaries that science fiction conducts.

If I got to wear this uniform as an airhostess I would definitely switch to an aviation waitress career, easyjet take notes!

Fifth Element Air Hostess

It is well known that the specifications of beauty and dress code are very strict on air hostesses. Certain makeup, hair, clothes and shoes. There is no denying that there is an emphasis on glamour and sex appeal, if you’re a minger then dont even think about it. I love how Gaultier has recognized this formation and blown it out of the park. It’s still a uniform, but there is emphasis on the chest area and the skirts are short.  The hair is platinum blonder and the lashes are fake. Lush.

Oh and check out the shoes. Please?

Fifth Element Air Hostess Shoes

The sailor and captain suits are nautical chic with Gaultier’s coture touch of gold glamour and trademark rings on the sleeves.

Fifth Element Sailors

Chris Tucker’s hilarious portrayal as radio show host (has TV been banished?) Ruby Rhod is complemented by Gaultier’s appropirate designs of coture structure and outrageous transvestite prints.

Fifth Element Costume Design

I think I may dream of this outfit everynight for the rest of my life.

Ruby Rhod Roses

The most infamous costume; is that of young LeeLoo’s first outift. Bandage central. It covers up the good bits.

To all firey head ladies; the perfect being has your colour hair. 😀

Fifth Element Bandages

Gaultier is dedicated to the max, he checked over all extra’s before they would be let loose on set, an example of his devotion to detail can be seen in the robot bartender and the receptionist.

Fifth Element Costume Design

Props to the production design aswell. Apparently this will be the QE2 of the future. There are no icebergs to look out for, but maybe suns or moons?

Fifth Element Production Design

I couldn’t leave these out.

Fifth Element

Hello McDonalds uniforms…corsets?

Fifth Element McDonalds Uniforms

Would you like a side of a lapdance sir?

Fifth Element McDonalds Costume

It’s ok LeeLoo. Well there is still so much war and not enough love, ok you can cry.

Fifth Element

This beaut is the keeper of the keys to the earth’s survival. Stunning but yet an intelligent and talented being that is not human. We all know that we cant be trusted to save oursleves.

Fifth Element Plavalaguna

 Classic Gaultier on the baddies: 

Jean-Paul Gautier Design

Er Fifth Element

 So this is one of those gadgets that will definitely be made in the future. It’s a Chanel instant make-up box. LeeLoo looks into it and bammm….

Chanel Make Up Device Fifth Element Before

…she is hot damm ready to save the world. Chanel Device After

There is something slightly similar to this already; the Coloron press on make-up kits. They didn’t really interest me that much until i realised they do a press of leopard print eyeshadow. Yup.

Just some eyecandy. I mean a shot of the tangerine ribbed tank that Korben Dallas sports throughout the majority of the film.

Korben Dallas

Closing shot of the film. LOVE ❤

Leeloo and Korben Kiss

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  1. tigerandtale permalink
    February 9, 2009 10:36 pm

    I am going bananas. Leelo is my better half. x


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