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Pearl Chic

February 18, 2009

After Michael Kaplan designed for Flashdance and  Blade Runner his talents were recognised and picked up for Pearl Harbour (2001). The film is widely known for it’s lack of historical accuracy but thankfully the criticisms dont apply to tge costume design.

His latest gig has been designing for J.J Abrams Star Trek (2009). Excitement. 9th May please hurry up.

 This film did for Josh Hartnett what Titanic (1997) did for Leonardo Dicaprio. Forever swoonworthy status. Who can forget the parachute scene? Pilot fantasy central.



I have consistantly found Kate Beckinsale to me one of the worlds must heart stopping women. Her face has perfect structure. Jealous.



It’s quite giggle worthy to see Jenifer Garner playing a doudy supporting character, way before she even got jiggy with Mr Affleck.


Uniform city:


Naturally outstanding cinematography accompanies this epic;


 Gosh, could there have been a more flattering hat/hot mama composition since Casablanca?

Kates Hat

By summer, everyone is going to be in these I guarentee. Seriously thinking about going daaan Coral and placing a bet.

Bikini 1

Last month Kate Beckinsale spoke out about being told by the “costume designer” that she was too fat for the war epic, especially for the bikinis.  This makes me pretty angry. Moving on.

Bikini 2

It’s unusual to see the supporting characters in equally outstanding if not better choices of costume than the leading lady. I’m not complaining as it is all fuel in the 40’s fire.

The girls outfits are sexy and playful but also classy. Working hard and playing hard.


Both of these prints need to be stolen by Topshop.

The girls

Hawaiian prints are so much hotter on dresses than souvenir shirts.

The Girls 1

 The Girls 3

So of course I fell in love with these sunnies as soon as I saw them.

Palm Tree Sunglasses

And then of course dropped everything I was doing and scoured the world wide web for a pair. No luck. But I did find some which were equal if not higher in the novelty sunglasses takcy scale;


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