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Hot Air Balloons

February 20, 2009

At some point in my life it would be wonderful to go on a hot air balloon ride. Not just your run of the mill trip over some fields, I want some valley or mountain action for sure.

I was living in a concrete block whilst in Melbourne. One day me and my flat mate, we’ll call her Poland, got woken up at about 5am one morning from some guy shouting football chants outside.

This guy would not shut up. Poland got out of bed and started raising the blinds in order to shout obsecentities at this hooligan. As the blinds crept up we were graced with an image I will never forget, maybe a dozen hot air balloons floating through the morning sky. Unfortunately we were too overwhlemed to even think about taking a photograph. We also forgot to thank the hooligan for waking us up.

Taken from the Melbourne General Cemetery by Leni McPoopies

Taken from the Melbourne General Cemetery by Leni McPoopies

The major Hot Air Balloon Festival takes place in the UK takes places in Bristol, this year it is between the 6th and 9th of August. Who’s coming with me then?

I definitely want more Hot Air Balloon imagery in my day to day life.



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