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Mary Poppins

March 5, 2009

Mary Poppins - Opening Title

My earliest memories of film are of being tucked up in the spare room of my Nan and Grandads and watching a film before bed. There were a certain few that we always use to watch. Mary Poppins being one of them.

For me the mix of surreal and real is what has kept me addicted to film for so many years. A tea party on the ceiling. Only in my wildest dreams.

Mary Poppins - Tea Party on the ceiling

 When I was younger I wouldn’t have noticed the clothing except for things like the change of outfit or the bird head on the top of her umbrella.

Now I appreciate it for the flattering tailoring, candy colours, and Edwardian historical accuracy.

 Mary Poppins - Fairground Horses

 Being the title character Mary Poppins is obligated to be well decked out and she is, but Jane and Michael certainly have a swoon worthy wardrobe also! Wether its a matching coat and hat set, pjamas, or fantasy fairground outfits.



 Bert- the soul of the film, is usually seen in dull and dark clothes during reality is changed into a bright and fruitfull suit including a cornflower bow tie.

Mary Poppins - Bert and Penguins

 I was lucky enough to grow up with a full time mum who loved the sewing machine and a good pattern and hence my affinity for both now. But if I would have had a Nanny like Mary Poppins how could you not grow up to be a fashionista? Jane is certainly heading that way! 

Mary Poppins


 Sufragette chic. 


 As with most Walt Disney productions the fantasy is achieved with excellence. Along with this comes some delightful images; dancing chimney sweepers, London at twilight and flying kites.


 This is my favourite outfit of the film; from the extended lapelles on the jacket, to the intricate roucing on the blouse to the peach of the bow tie.

Mary Poppins - Red Suit - Bow Tie

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