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The L Word – Finale and Fashion

March 12, 2009

The final episode ever of the L Word was aired on Sunday. I dont want to divulge any spoilers but it definitely was an appropirate ending. I will be sad that my Shane McCuthcheon crush has now ended. But at least I have the lingering memories of jeans and white tanks to last me a life time.


Young Jenny Schecter – the bane of everyones life (within the show) but yet the provider of hours of frustation and entertainment. This final season was a short one, at only eight eps. But it was ok, seeing as the crammed alot in, including a 12 hour dance a thon and a Willy Wonka themed baby shower. “Themed parties are all the rage” says Jenny Schecter sucking on a lolly the size of her head.


The costume design within this show is understated but appropriate whether it is Bett in her suits or Helena in her flowing designer chic. My favourite on them all is of course Jenny. The Willy Wonka episode is my favourite outfit of her’s ever. Jenny see’s herself as a victim, a daddy’s girl who is always “I want! I want! I want!” So to put her in girlish colours – a pink cardigan and a princess shaped skirt with bows on is perfection!


I want one of these. Dont look if you dont want a spoiler.

I also had a fall out of my seat moment with I saw Kit wearing this.


NO! Your eyes aren’t failing you. She IS weaing an asymmetrical red piano jumpuit. After a couple of hours searching I have yet to find this puppy anywhere on the net 😦

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