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Cruella Deville

March 16, 2009

My addictive personality was apparent at quite a young age. I was in love with Dalmations. I had every kind soft toy Dalmation from the Disney store and my parents even ordered me a Dalmation back pack from America after they had sold out in the UK (now 15 years ago to order something from America was pretty crazy). I would have Dalmation birthday cakes and would sometimes sit at the table with Pongo under my arm.

Combing two fetishes such as Dalmations and costume design is pretty fulfilling for me.

Anthony Powell’s costume design was up for an Oscar in 2000. And looking at these snaps you can see why. He captures her evil, sly, flamboyance through over the top prints and matronly tailoring. Why can’t every day be a fancy dress party?









I kind of had to create an ultimate outfit with Polyvore. swoon.

Cruella Deville
Cruella Deville – by ourownocean on

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