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ahhh 100th post.

March 19, 2009

so I’ve rambled on for 100 posts. wow. I thought it was only apt to do a little review of my fave and other people’s fave posts!

We survived the Fall 09 collections.

In my 100 posts time I have been accepted to Indepedant Fashion Bloggers.

Reviewed Primark’s Spring 2009  collection.

Seen the Oscar for Best Costume Design go to Michael O’Conor.

Profiled Diablo Cody.

My most popular post thanks to Gossip Girl.

One Tree Hill go 1940’s.

America’s Next Top Model provided great make-up inspiration.

Be blown away by Kenley Collins of Project Runway.

Write posts which contain “the day I discovered glitter eyeliner my life changed”.

It’s nice to see that the quality of my posts has increased over time. Along with my proof reading and formatting (abit)!

So I had to get some favourties from OurOwnOcean’s number one fan; Rebecca Claridge. She loved Debbie Froshaug Style Icon, The Notebook as a way of life and Juice of the beetle variety.

Hope everyone still enjoys reading.

Remember “Do everything with so much love in your heart that you would never want to do it any other way” – Desai, Yogi

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