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Once you go Faux Lash you never go back

March 23, 2009

If I say the brand Eylure, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. You may have been recently introduced, or may have had a building obessession for the past 18 months which is leading you to think about taking out stocks in the company. If you are neither of these, well, you may aswell not be living. THEY DO THE BEST FALSE EYELASHES ever!

I have just been alerted that they are doing a collaboration with Girls Aloud. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Each member will be designing their own pair, and the lashes are due to hit the shops in April. This is amazing news. This isn’t the first time Eylure and GA have caused severe envy; Eylure specially designed lashes for the girls for their Tangled Up tour. Eylure you can make me some personalised lashes if you want?

I kind of dread to think how much I have spent on false eyelashes in my lifetime. Most of the time I can get a good couple of wears out of each pair! But I often lose one or both whilst drunkenly taking them off!

 My personal experience with false eyelashes is to not go for mega mega cheap ones. It usually means that the structure of them is extremely flimsey and thereofre extremely hard to apply if you can even get them on at all. This also means that they come with sh!t lash glue. Glue is the staple ingredient. The Eylure glue is for sure the best. Remember to keep it, even if you’re not using the Eylure lashes!

 Britains best Jordan/ Katie Price is a pioneer of the faux life. I dont think I have ever seen her without them? I bet she wears them to bed!


I have put together a collage of my fave tranny style lashes that I found on the net…drooelll.False Eyelashes
False Eyelashes – by ourownocean on

I also found this place online that is based in West Yorkshire, they have an outstandingly crazy selection. Here is a taster, but you should definitely check them out for yourself here.

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  1. icingx permalink
    May 29, 2009 10:07 pm

    thanks for posting! its nice to know im not the only person completely obsessed with eyelure lashes! i have billions and billions just floating around, i cant even bare to throw use ones away *just in case* xxx

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