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Sewing Patterns = Vintage Inspiration

March 25, 2009

 If it was socially acceptable to dress like I was in an episode of Mad Men everyday I would do it without question. But somehow excessive hidden tulle doesn’t go down too well when popping up the shops for a pint of milk.


 Whilst having an etsyfest the other day I discovered some insane sewing patterns.


Seeing as I have to physically pull myself away from some images as these, I know without question that I was born in the wrong time period and in the wrong country.


Maybe I should watch Pleasantville on repeat just incase there’s a chance….


If I had copius amounts of money I would buy all of these patterns and have them commisioned to be made within a heartbeat!


I had to throw in this 80’s one for the sheer magnitude of the beast…


My local clothstore was having a sale on patterns so I had to get some… Butterick B4790 and Vogue 1094. Just need the perfect material…


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  1. March 25, 2009 7:06 pm

    I’m drooling!

    What would Joan Wear? Now, that is the question!

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