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All About Eve – Edith Head

July 2, 2009

All About Eve (1950) is one of those films that knock around on “Top 100’s” and “Films to see before you die” blah blah, and I kind of get this one (and Marilyn Monroe has a small part…).

It certainly is all about Eve. It’s sort of a Mean Girls before Mean Girls. Certainly a classic stunner cinematically and more importantly wardrobe wise.

All About Eve Dress

The costume’s were designed by THE QUEEN of Costume Design; Edith Head (with Charles Le Maire). She captures the glamour and sophistication of the actresses working in 1950’s New York and Hollywood exceptionally.

Below is Margot Channing’s (Bette Davis) outfit as she hosts a party at her house. Covering an appropriate amount of skin for a hostess but showing enough to steal the show.

Margot Channing

 Apparently women only wore fur coats in 1950 (sorry PETA). Edith Head is widely portrayed as a stern, straight faced women, but it makes me laugh to see scene’s like this where Bette Davis is drowning in her own fur.

Fur Coats All About Eve

Hi Marilyn. *draw drops*

Marlyn Monroe All About Eve

 Hi there, my name is Eve. I adore you and am your No.1 fan. I dress plainly and nice. I’m no threat. *back stab*



Margot All About Eve

I think people underestimate Costume design. Look at that lacey detail creeping out from under Eve’s dress. Watch out.


Sweet Karen. Not stealing the show.

Karen All About Eve

And so the starlet is born. Heads turn as she walks through the room.

Eve Harrington

“A designer is only as good as the star who wears her clothes”- Edith Head

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